After reading a previous post about using Google Maps API to display the CWBP creations I couldn't resist giving it a go.
Over at ME-DEM we have long talked about co-opting the map api to display our Middle Earth imagery and I have done several test pages doing that, so since I have Global Mapper, which makes creating google maps with custom imagery very painless, I talked to Redrobes about it and he supplied me with some image files for tiling, and some I snagged from the CWBP Wiki.
Right now there are a handful of maps on the site Inspired Cartography
on the GMaps page. I have set the site up for both Cartographers' Guild work and ME-DEM Project work, with links galore back to the original sites.
This was my first attempt at a multipage website, so there are bound to be things I did not catch.

Some maps have only a few zoom levels, Thrubmorton Fen has from 6 (I think) to 21, some are geo-referenced to the whole world map and show the effect of the Mercator Projection, and 2 are as close to the original format as I could get them (geo-referenced at 0 latitude,0 longitude).

I hope I have not step on any toes here, I just wanted to see the CWBP maps showcased, and at me-dem I have server space and access, so I thought combining the work of two inspiring cartographic projects would work well...If I have overstepped let me know, or if you like the site and see things that need changing (perhaps a better description of the CWBP), let me know that as well.

As a note, the site displays the latest imagery I had at the time I uploaded it, and I have a set of higher resolution tiles for the full map that is inwork awaiting upload. There are also a few "oops" in the Fentor Cross Village" gmap that I have left in until I can get screen caps for a tutorial I am writing on Gmaps and Global Mapper.

Hope you like it, SeerBlue