Mountain Village

This was an experiment in using photorealistic backgrounds in a map using Maptools and


Several days from the nearest town this mountain village started as settlers building some huts in a resource rich area. The small huts in the north were the original settlement. A natural cave system became a small mine and a clay pit. There is a logging and fishing camp on the west side.

As more settlers arrived and bridges were built to traverse the streams it became easier for travelers to cross than the ford down the way. With the trail increasingly warn heading directly through their settlement a better road was built. The settlers then built an inn to house weary travelers and increase revinue. A small farm area was then created along with a cow pasture, chicken coop, and pig pen.


This is a scaled down image at 10% of the original.

The Full Version is 5995x1245 (59 in x 131 in) 265.5 Meg

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