Greetings everyone. This is my first completed map made in GIMP with the aid of several of the tutorials featured on this site. THe map is of the Kingdom of Du'Lar, the most prominent and powerful kingdom in my world as of the last 500 years. My friends and I have adventured through this area many times in the 12 years we have been playing our campaign. I originally made this map about 9 years ago on a piece of poster board, as you can see here. Hand drawn and colored, it was enough for my purposes at the time.
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Now, with the skills that I am learning here, I have reforged my world. And thus I present to you for your viewing pleasure, the new map of Du'Lar.
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I made this map with the help of Arsheesh's tutorials on Realistic maps and trees and with much input for the community. Thank you all for you comments and critiques. I look forward to posting more of my world.