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Thread: Requesting a fantasy map.

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    Map Requesting a fantasy map.

    Hi, Iím currently using a self hosted Wordpress platform to blog about the adventures of a character who blunders into another dimension and is trying to find his way home. This Ďother dimensioní is a fantasy world, and I am hoping someone may be able to create a map of a segment of this world to display on my website.

    The world is called The Parawerthan and the website is available to view at:

    I donít require a hugely detailed map. It does, however, does need to be zoomable, in colour but look good in greyscale, and I need to be able to edit it to add minor details as my character journeys to new places. I have added in a rough sketch with map details and Iíve also added a map key. Also, Iím not too sure of what size this map should be. Itís for my website so any suggestions would be grateful.

    Timeframe: Preferably, but not strictly, within one month as Iím planning a site upgrade in late October.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Iíve attached a rough outline of my map. To give an idea of the style Iím after, here are some links to cool maps Iíve seen up here. (Instead of a sea serpent Iíd like something resembling a dark storm.) (Land on left side and sea darker.)

    Copyright: I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes. The artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his or her portfolio, but not to exploit it for commercial gain. Artist credit and link to artistís url will be added to the website.

    Payment: Negotiable. Plus exposure. I have a daily readership of 200+ and growing. I will also be looking for more maps (cities, islands, new territories) in the future.

    If anyoneís interested please forward some examples of your work to me via email.

    My email address is foxmcgeever --at--

    Many thanks, and I absolutely love this site.

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    A big thanks to everyone who contacted me. This project has now been taken.



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