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    I have decided to make a castle-style encounter map(s). I've always wanted a good castle backdrop for an RPG but existing examples were never exactly what I wanted. For this castle, I want to include the following:

    1 drawbridge; 1 secret back entrance; at least 2 towers; a wall that you can walk on top of; a keep; narrow outdoor walkways; an outdoor courtyard; a throneroom; a dungeon.

    I plan on firstly making a rough overall map then creating detailed views of individual locations (each one will be 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels representing 100 feet squared/30m2, then pasting them all together into one big overall map in the end. In addition, I want to make sure that the terrain on which the castle stands can be swapped out - ie so the castle can be placed in a springtime meadow; a wintery hill, or a seaside cliff.

    In addition, I would ideally like to re-use some of the pieces I've already made; notably a gate house and drawbridge, and a couple of towers.

    This project might be too ambitious for me, but I may as well try and start it.

    Step 1 will be to come up with an overall castle plan. I want it to have a few key locations rather than a myriad of small rooms; however I also want something that looks more like the Disneyland castle (fantasy!) than a boringly realistic symmetrical square castle/keep.

    If anyone has any ideas I'd be very grateful for any advice.

    All maps and objects made by me in this thread can be used by anyone for non-commercial use only.
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