The "Wolves Fall Line" is a series of six forts or "castles" along the Kingdom of Shendenflar's Eastern border. They are named for their proximity to the lands of the Wolf Nomads. Built originally in CY500 to provide a platform to repel raiding parties from the Wolf Nomads, they suited a better purpose during the "Greyhawk Wars" as they provided a base of operations and a staging area for armies traveling east into the Nomad lands. The forts were extensively rebuilt and renovated during the war years making them stronger and larger. They are no beautiful graceful things. They are squat and solid and look the part they were built to play. Each castle is led by a General who commands a force of infantry and cavalry. No exact numbers are ever published but educated guesses place the numbers of troops at each fort to be around two hundred fifty. The majority of the forces are believed to be cavalry as they are tasked with patrolling the border of the kingdom and the Wolf Nomad lands. These castles are taciturn and dour. filled with men who have seen the horrors of the wars and have no wish to see these horrors visited upon Shendenflar. The citizens of the kingdom should sleep better in their beds at night knowing these brave men are there....."
Excerpt from "The Wolves Fall Line: A study" by: Gerro Milet Professor of Military History University of Riverhewn

It is a wonderful coincidence that Jacktannery is also creating a castle. This is another part of "The Darkness Falls: The Fall of the Kingdom of Shendenflar" project. The "Wolves Fall Line" (or Wolf's Fall Line as it is known in the kingdom) will be the first part of Shendenflar to fall to the "Black Wave" of Orcish Warbands. I have begun with the basic layout and the walls. I am using a different wall texture and I'm not 100% certain that I like it. I have also begun the layout for the towers. This will be a functional garrison and not at all pretty. (which should make it a bit easier for me) This particular map will feature the ground level of the castle and following maps will show the upper floors.
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