Ahoy, challenge entry off the starboard bow! Well, one that is foundering in heavy seas....

I know I don't have too long to put this together now but I was attempting to reduce old maps to fit and that really didn't work out too well. So, emboldened by Torq's beautifully detailed map I have decided that I'll have a shot at putting together a hand-drawn encounter map for this month's challenge in the style of my pirate cove map. I'll also try (really hard) to keep the filesize within limits. I forsee rough water ahead....

Here's the line sketch as a first draft:

### Latest WIP ###

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A ship, pirate or otherwise, has foundered on the rocks in a storm. The battered hull rests among the crashing waves. The party must save the treasure/girl/captives before the hulk sinks finally beneath the sea. However, dark creatures from the deep have different ideas - leading to swashbuckling combat on the storm tossed deck!

I agree, not much to look at right now, but I should get a few updates out over the next couple of days which should make it look more like an actual encounter map.