So i stumbled upon this great forum by accident about a week ago and decided to dust off my license of photoshop ( Had it laying around since i finished school ), and realized how much time making maps really takes, these will be my first tries with photoshop / CC3, and i can't say i'm that dissappointed but i see many things i need to improve, mind that the regional map has little to no detail except for borders. This is to save time, not lazyness. This map isn't only for my RPG group and our Drakar och Demoner ( Dragons and Demons, heavily modified Basic RPG ruleset. ) game sessions but might grow into a novell world as i complete it, time will tell. There will be alot of places and detailed maps on each country before i'm done.

And the photoshopped maps are mainly for my RPG group to look at until i finish the regions and such.

The countries, Kaltora, Keshrot, Margorra are often called "Tres Soreres", or the three sisters by the common outsiders. They have had a long and prosperous alliance which was created through marriage, and even now as over a hundred years has past, their alliance still holds strong. But now as Kaltoras once strong leader and Queen, Eria Kingsley is dead things might change. Old treaties may become forgotten as the Queen's three sons, and her daughter struggle to interpret the queen's dying will.

I apologize about the Kaltora map, or "Kaltorian" since most names are written in Swedish, so i will translate it below, left to right. (Just realized that the tower was in english, i must've been way too tired when i made this lol)
Note: Because of the epicness (and noobiness) with CC3, the locations for everything match 100% with the zoomed in map of Kaltora.

Regional map -

Map of Kaltora
Kvarts skogen - Quartz Forest
Fri Klippa - Freecliff
De övergivnas träsk - Forsakens' Marchland
Gardars ruin - Ruins of Gardar
Tarkals Vila - Tarkal's Rest
Grators Vilja - Will of Grator