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  • Village of Taffarel by anomiecoalition

    9 40.91%
  • Leblon Mall Outpost by Carbus

    11 50.00%
  • Village de Haute-Savoie by geamon

    20 90.91%
  • Unc 201.F The Secret in the Sequel... by jtougas

    1 4.55%
  • Ciderorchard Village: The Waystation by LindaJeanne

    1 4.55%
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Thread: *** September / October Lite Challenger VOTING ***

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    Default *** September / October Lite Challenger VOTING ***

    Some great entries this month; thanks everyone for participating!

    So, the challenge was:

    to make a map of a village. Your map must contain a 'secret' of some kind in the widest sense. This might be a secret place that the inhabitants keep from the outside world, it might be a puzzle for the audience to guess at. It might be as simple as a riddle in text accompanying the map or hidden in the map itself. The map can be of any genre; real life, fantasy, sci-fi, cypber punk - it's up to you.
    You can see the thumbnails of the entries here

    The voting this month is different to previous months. You can vote for as many entries as you like. Bear in mind that if you vote for all of the entries your vote is effectively worthless in terms of helping to chose a winner. We will trial this new system for a bit and if it works out we will keep it. If it doesn't or if the community don't like it, then we will go back to the old system of 1 vote for every 5 entries.

    As always please give rep generously!

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    New voting system huh? Well I do like the option of being able to vote for more than just 1 or 2 entries if there are several great entries. In this case however, it seems to me that Carbus's Leblon Mall Outpost and Geamon's Village de Haute-Savoie have really distinguished themselves as award-worthy entries. Great job guys.


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    First, as always, congrats to all for the work made!

    So, here is my top 3:

    1/ Leblon Mall Outpost by Carbus: nice work, very detailed work, nice feeling
    2/ Village de Haute-Savoie by geamon: nice realisation and feeling, though I don't know why you used different languages, and some of the French sentences seems odd (I'm French)
    3/ Village of Taffarel by anomiecoalition: voted only for the nice realisation, because not clear where lies the secret...

    Unc 201.F The Secret in the Sequel... by jtougas: nice but unclear
    Ciderorchard Village: The Waystation by LindaJeanne: don't understand where lies the secret

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    Stick a fork in it, this contest has a clear winner.
    Congratulations to all.

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    Congrats to Geamon!

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    Congrats Geamon !!!
    I am the breath of Dragons...The Song of Mountains...The Stories of Rivers....The Heart of Cities.... I am A Cartographer....

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    Congrats Geamon...Awesome Map!
    *Most of my Maps can be seen in full resolution on my blog*

    *I've made some of my maps into full adventures available for download at or

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License unless stated otherwise in the thread.

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