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    I've always loved maps, but I'm here with a specific question.

    Perhaps someone could tell me the best sub-forum in which to post.

    My wife and I have a very, very small business. We sell audioguides and the product includes a pdf booklet with a map or two.

    Our current product will have a map of a city with (if I can figure out how) specific sites marked on it.

    My problem is that I cannot find a public domain map without a lot of stuff on it already.

    So, where should I post this question to have the best chance of getting some dialog going?

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    Hi Michael


    I take from your question that you want a pre-made map with roads and waterbodies on it to which you can add points of interest.

    I'm not sure about terms of usage for this site but if you use Arc GIS's Online Explorer, you can start with a base map and add items to it.

    If you have a bit of GIS knowledge, you can use QGIS and OpenStreetMap data. Or just use OpenStreetMap and add your points directly on their site.

    Hope that helps.

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    That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.

    If I have followup questions, which sub-Forum should I use or can I keep going right here?

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    Hi newmarket, posting here is fine, or you could post something in the 'general discussions' forum which more people might look at.

    If you decide to make a map and want to upload for feedback then I'd suggest the general and miscellaneous sub forum.

    I'd also suggest you take a look CartoTalk - that's a bulletin board which deals primarily with 'real world' mapping whereas, as you have probably seen, we mainly map fictional locations.

    Welcome to the guild!



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