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Thread: Random Vessel Deckplans

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    Default Random Vessel Deckplans

    I've been practicing various sketch-like plans of all kinds of things and I decided to try a few sci-fi ones too.

    I envisaged this as some kind of tug, transport or some such. It'd pull something modular behind it. I didn't plan it at all and it was mostly for practice. The design assumes some kind of gravity system to generate an earth-like environment.

    I think I'll contain any future ones I do to this thread too. They are done on a grid but I have turned off the grid for this first one.
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    Well done. I like non-symmetrical ships a la Millienium Falcon

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    That is a really nice sketch. I like the layout of this ship. Waiting for more.

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    That really looks great. I also like the "non standard" shaped ships. A few "decorations" and this would be great for a game
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    Lookscomic-y, I like it. Is that made with a vector program?

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    This is cool, can you make an image of the outer shell?

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    No vector program, just quickly hand-drawn in SAI. Drawing waystations and inns can get tedious so I like to do a little modern or sci-fi to break things up.

    I might make an outer image of it in the future but it depends on if I get around to doing so. I am a bit busy with NaNoWriMo this month.

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    Very good work, I like the ship!
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    Nonsymmetrical ship designs like the Falcon are cool, but this one would fly in circles only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freehand 5.5 View Post
    Nonsymmetrical ship designs like the Falcon are cool, but this one would fly in circles only.
    Why is that? There is no drag in space since it's vacuum. It might not move real quick in atmosphere but that would be a small part of it's life and only if it doesn't just dock at space stations or whatever. At least that's my impression.
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