Scope of Project
At the very least, I would like a world map, but maps of the major cities would be ideal and very much appreciated. In that regard, there are only a few major cities, with the themes of each more or less decided, although still open to interpretation. The impression of a hand drawn map would be excellent, although just having a map of some sort would be enough.

The world of Shard is currently composed of only 2 continents, one in the classical shape of Europe with heavy forestation, mountains as well as areas following a more Eastern flavor with the stereotypical monasteries perched atop mountain peaks. Also worth mentioning is the prevalence of ice around the vast majority of the first continent, leading all the way towards the second continent. The other one is reminiscent of a heavily populated Siberia. On a separate note, there is a rather monolithic tunnel network underneath the first continent, although that particular detail is rather less important than the world above.

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of a hand drawn map would be most excellent, but a map in and of itself is sufficient to my needs. For reference, this would be my preference as to the style of the map.

300 dpi minimum. JPG or PNG filetype preferably.

As far as a physical copy of the map, if possible, a 32"x24" map would suit my needs.

Time Constraints
None that I can think of.

Since this is merely for a personal project, the only rights I would need are the ability to make copies of it as needed, not for commercial gain.

Please contact me to discuss rates.

For the time being, the best place to contact would be on this thread. As required, I can hand out my email address.