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    Wip [WIP] Schwarzkreuz - Works in Progress

    Now I have decided, to reuse my Idea of teh Wretched Realms, a dark and brutal Fantasy Setting resembling an absurd Version of the 15. Century Europe. The Wretched Realms are in what seems to be an eternal Civilwar, Lovecraftian Creatures rule over the various Realms infecting each habitants with their unique influence. If this would be a RPG Setting I would call it a strategic Hack&Slay, where Players woudl form Squads to fullfill quests, similar to Shadowrun. The realms are inspired by the seven deadly sins.

    Charul, the frozen Womb, the Sin of Lust
    Hepharkien, the burning Forge, the Sin of Wrath
    Simmelingen, the rotting Pleague, the Sin of Gluttony
    Hohenheym, the unbroken Reign, the Sin of Pride
    Sarassaro, the hollow Darkness, the Sin of Greed
    Ithilliat, the Legions of the Broken, the Sin of Envy
    Karebarash, the Fields of Emptiness, the Sin of Sloth

    For my new mapdecorations I got inspired by EpicReds new maps, which all have some nice fantasy Glyph.
    My own design is inspired by arabesque writings and chinese symbols. It was intended for beeing abled to be drawn with tentacles, so the Great Old Ones could communicate in written form.

    For this series of maps I want to create a streamlined collection of material first so I can work more easily with them later.
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