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    Hey Folks,

    I have been a member of this site for some time and a cartography enthusiast for a very long time.

    A while back, a friend asked me to give him a hand drawing some maps for his Pathfinder campaign. I was more than happy to help him out and created some maps for him to his specifications.

    The maps were a big hit and my friend decided to submit the adventure, including the maps, to an on-line publisher. For the record, he did ask my permission first and I agreed. Well, the submission was well received and the adventure was actually featured at this year’s PiazoCon in Seattle. In addition, the on-line publisher wants to publish the module as a PDF for sale on their website.
    This is where my problems started: My original maps were printed to a PDF for my friends use, but the publisher needed them in jpg format. No problem, I sent the jpegs that I had from my original work. Well, those weren’t of a high enough DPI and they need me to resend them at a higher dpi. I started looking for a way to increase the dpi of my original drawings, but before I could, I was told that they also needed the jpegs to be layered.

    I am a drafter by trade and I created my original maps in Google SketchUp, took them into a simple paint program and added backgrounds and text. I have no idea about how to get these guys what they are asking for. I am a wiz at AutoCAD and I am good with SketchUp, but I am not real savy about Gimp or Photo Shop.

    Can anyone help?
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