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Thread: First post, Map made with Saderan tutorial

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    Map First post, Map made with Saderan tutorial

    So, this is my first post here, although i've been a member of the guild for more than a year.
    I have been making maps for about a year now, for my dnd campaign.
    This is a map i created with the tutorial that Tear provided to the forum.

    easy to read, easy to make!!
    Thanks Tear!!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any suggestions, tips, help in general is more than welcomed!!!

    p.s. why am i getting anxious???

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    Nothing to get anxious about it looks great. The textures are very nice and I really like your rivers (I am not a fan of a "stroke" around rivers but that;s just my personal preference") Have some rep for a VERY nice first map post.
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    It's an excellent rendition of the style (and it's a pretty style). One suggestion I might make is that your mountain chains are a little straight in places. The one just below center towards the right is about as straight as I would expect mountains to be; the one just above-left of center is much straighter than I might expect. Then again, mountains vary widely, and it's tough to make much in the way of judgements without a good scale on the map.

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    Welcome - that's a nice intro map! Is it a part of your game world, or a standalone work ?

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    Thanks everyone for the replies!!
    @jbgibson it is a standalone map, just practising the style with Tear's tutorial, feel free to use it if you like it in your campaign or story
    @waldronate yeap, you are right, the mountains are a bit straight, mainly because i had no idea what part should i pay emphasis on while creating them.
    i ended up redoing them at the end, just to give them a more realistic feel, and more texture.
    @jtougas YAY! thanks for the rep (no idea what it is and how to use it )
    im not a fan of the river style in this map, but it was the best i could do with the tutorial give by Tear (and using a mouse)

    thanks for the feedback everyone, i am currently doing another map, so i will post things here, or in another post.
    Might do a WIP thingy, although im not quite sure how to

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