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    Post CWBP vs Caravan Project

    What is the difference between these two projects? I see that the cwbp still seems to be active but the caravan project is not. from the limited amount of info I can gather they appear to be very similar to this neebie.

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    The CWBP is a "world building project" (as the name suggests) meant to include anyone who wants to add a bit to the Guild's created world. The Caravan Adventure project is a more specific single "adventure" project. It includes several members who are contributing various elements to a (hopefully) publishable adventure. It has been inactive for quite a while but like most things that require collaboration from people busy with r/l it ebbs and flows.
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    Thanks Jt. I quess the key element here is "publishable". I'd like to hear from others of you who have participated in this.

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