So for the last twenty years or so my girl friend has been developing this world in her head. She uses it as a form of meditation almost to help her sleep at night. The best way to explain it i think is that she goes and plays DnD in her mind every night. So after her always talking about it i finally decided it was time to try and write some of it down in book form. Which has been pretty fun except that i am absolutely terrible with names, and sadly so is she, not a single place in this vast world of hers has a name.

Now the main place that I'm having trouble with is the human capital city of her world. She refuses to let me name it something where its two words put together, as those kind of sound more like a town or small hamlet not something a very very old and large city would be named. So any help would be appreciated and to help you guys out I'm going to give you a small history and culture lesson on the city itself.

The city is really old, originally starting out as a simple fishing village on the coast that slowly grew to become what it is during the books time period. At the time of the book its ruled by a tyrant king, who has locked the northern half down tight, no one in or out. The southern side is where his nobility live, having more freedoms then the north. The south is also where he keeps his "gift homes" for his guards that he takes a liking to.

The place is also known for gladiator games, where the poor can openly compete for more food. The king generally feels that this is a kindness offered to his people once a year.

That's more or less the gist of the place, personally i have no idea where to even begin to give it a name. The story i plan to do will really only mention the city in the beginning but the way i planned to write it i think i do need at least some kind of name, other wise i would just skip it. Plus i do plan to have a map made up of the area and i would like to have the name on there too.

Anyway thanks for any help that's offered.