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Thread: I'm Greg Stolze.

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    Post I'm Greg Stolze.

    Hey. I'm Greg Stolze. I've been self-publishing the game REIGN for about a year now and people want maps. Since it's a one-man show, I'm looking to polish up my cartography skills.


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    Welcome! First, allow me to thank you for Unknown Armies; it's currently my favorite system, though I unfortunately don't get the opportunity to play much.

    Second, I hope you find what you're looking for here. Never hesitate to ask for or offer advice; every voice is welcome and valued here.

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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the Guild Greg! What software do you use to make your maps? Do feel free to post up some WIPs if you would like constructive criticism!

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    Greetings and Welcome to the Guild Greg
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    Welcome, Greg.

    To everyone else: if you are in need of a mapping challenge, go pick up a copy of Reign and build a world map for it. Good luck. Reign's world is unique, to say the least (plus, Reign is a killer game, with some interesting math behind it).

    I've been contemplating how to actually build a map for Reign's world, which is comprised the bodies of two titans, entwined in a sea, sort of. My current thought is to use Poser to build the bodies, with a custom image for the "skin" of the body. This would allow rendering from a variety of angles ("projections" of a sort), but this is a) difficult and b) probably to literal.

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    Welcome to the guild Greg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wordman View Post
    My current thought is to use Poser to build the bodies, with a custom image for the "skin" of the body. This would allow rendering from a variety of angles...
    D'oh! I evidently haven't looked at the Reign home page in a while. Someone looks to have done this already.

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