I am trying to start a web-project called forgotten mars. It is supposed to be a webcomic, I am having a hard time finding an artist, and learning how to have a website. I have a lot of financial difficulties in my life that I really dont want to talk about and I am trying to have a creative outlet.

Right now it is just me and a buddy building the world the comic is supposed to take place in . . . It takes place on mars 45,000 years ago, it is a medeval variation on the world, kinda like sinbad meets assassins creed. There is no magic (there are of course fantastic creatures, but nothing to unreal), but there is also no supertechnology . . . Just the ancient world of mars, with a single species (with racial variations). . .

It is kinda like . . . it is supposed to bekind of like a historical drama on another world, with no human or alien influences . . . I am making it more confusing than it should be. Anyways I have been trying to create the map of the world to try and figure it out . . . but I am not very good at this.

It looks extremely cluttered, the geography is broken . . . there is almost no discerning between the environments. I would like that someone revamp the map I am creating . . . maybe not recreate it . . . but just help me out. I cannot afford to pay anyone :'( money is non-existent right now.

this is what I got so far.

forgotten mars by ~Motion-Music on deviantART