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Thread: Map of The Commonwealth of The Principality of Jeikeu

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    Map Map of The Commonwealth of The Principality of Jeikeu

    I am wondering if someone can help with making a map of a country. I have a crude representation of what I have done so far.

    The style I would like to try to match:

    The scale: Each pixel represents 7142.857m

    [Required for print / web]

    This will be used in a roleplay.

    Copyright would just be distribution rights

    Time Constraints: ASAP (if someone contacts me and tells me a time they can work on it i'll accept that)

    On the island, the river is supposed to be on the mountain with a city on the mountain(on a cliff or mesa or something). The towns name is cut off so here it is, Coningsstowcliff-on-Wall, it is a port town and the nations capital. The river's name is yiles. The mountain is Prince Jeikeu. The terrian of the island is flat farmland. There is a town next to the lake named Lake Pimmsworth on the peninsula it is called Long Pinchnessland-under-Fivetown. The terrain of the peninsula is thick forrest except around the lake and town it's clear-cut and desert-like. Oh the port on the peninsula is named Port Tensby-by-Fire and is on a beach/grassland terrain.

    Any other questions please feel free to ask
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