Sorry it took me a bit to get to this since I introduced myself. Been a bit occupied.

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So, right now, this is how my map looks. Since this was before I knew anything about GIMP or the like, it's essentially something I worked on in OpenOffice's draw program (amusing aside: I think the Draw function is better than the word processor). The free-form objects with hatching are major forests.

So, right now, I can see two major issues. One, my river systems are hilariously sparse (though thousands of tributaries seems unnecessary at this scale). Two, I'm really not sure how to deal with the actual scale of the map. There are definitely other land masses beyond these in all directions. Additionally, I imagine the spread of the climate ranging from subarctic to subtropical (north to south...assume the top is north). And make that three issues. I'm also rather new to mapping, not in putting ideas on paper insomuch as I've never made anything more advanced than what you see before you. It would be useful if anyone has advice or particularly good tutorials for something like this.

Note: Though it's not solid or on this version, I do have a sense of major settlements.

So, there you go. Thanks for looking!