I’d like to share a handful of the maps I’ve done over the past year-and-a-half or so. I’ve been writing, illustrating, and creating maps for three Open Design projects for Kobold Press.

Open Design is a patron-based publishing enterprise producing roleplaying supplements, mostly for Pathfinder. Patrons compete for writing opportunities, submitting proposals on which all patrons on a project vote. I wrote a wild-west adventure and co-wrote with Tim Connors a Spanish Inquisition adventure for a Call of Cthulhu project called, “The Red Eye of Azathoth”. The other two projects are are set in Midgard, Kobold Press' Pathfinder Campaign Setting. For “Journeys into the West”, a project developing the islands of Midgard's Western Ocean, I wrote both an island-hopping adventure called "The Ship that Never Was" and a Mythos-infested island called Meshong-Lir, loosely based on Cthulhu’s R’lyeh, as a major location setting. Most recently, I wrote a Viking adventure for “Midgard Tales”, a massive, hard-cover book of adventures illustrating the varied regions of Midgard.

For each of these projects, I created maps and illustrations to accompany my writing. For “Midgard Tales”, I’m presently painting the book cover.

I'll start with three deck plans I created for "Journeys Into the West" and "Midgard Tales".