(Yet Another Wandering Newbie)

I have been a dungeon master for the past, oh, 23 years? I was actually 12 years old back then.

Started with Mystara and then switched to AD&D 2nd... and I started to create my own maps.

The only cartography programs I have ever used are the ones in AD&D Core Rules 2.0 (with expansion).

They have no learning curve at all. All you can do is there, right in front of you, and that's not much. Hence, they're not great, they don't manage something huge, they don't print a single page, ARGH!

But they have an absolute 0 learning curve.

4 years ago, I actually tried CC3. I immediately understood that I didn't understand squat.

I bowed my head in shame and forgot all about it. I even lost the damn software, license and all :-(

Today, eyes full of determination, knuckles white with pressure and resolve, I have decided I'd learn how to use a new mapping software. Will I fail and fall from grace? Will a common passer-by look at me with an air of contempt or will the masses cheer my successes?

You are now a level 11 storyteller. But you remain a lvl-0 apprentice cartographer. Witness your derisive attempts at drawing, as your players turn the map around and discuss if your cartography might be influenced by Picasso's cubism...