Well, I have decided to enter this challenge hoping that it will help me to finally finish something. That is one of my main problems when it comes to drawing maps (not only...)... I never finish them. Upon delurking and stating my silly problem I was given a simple solution by jfrazierjr:

Best advice, join some challenges and complete them.
It's been months and I haven't posted anything. I guess it is time to finally do as I was told.

About my entry.
The latest wip is just a placeholder. A quick sketch to make it impossible for me not to enter the contest. What I would like to map is the area around Haitari River that is part of the world I am currently exploring. The style I am looking to recreate (or just get inspired by) comes from this old map:

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I hope that I will achieve my main goal here and finish this project before the deadline. I will try to post wips as often as possible to get your feedback and motivate myself to keep going, please be patient with me. I tend to do everything at the last moment - another of my many shortcomings that I am trying to get rid off.

### LATEST WIP ###
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Name:	HaitariRiverStripMap_sketch.png 
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