Hello, dear members of the Cartographers' Gild,

your work is incredible and inspiring, so I joined your forum to improve my skills in mapmaking. I create maps mostly for my RPG-Group, but sometimes stuff won't find it's way in the game, but I draw the maps anyway, because it's fun to create worlds or locations. Therefore the type of maps i create are solely fantasy ones, so my next step is heading towards the "Quickstart Guide"

Up to now I drew all my maps by hand, and I intend to keep doing it this way, because I like to spend some creative-time without my computer. But I'm also intrigued by the possibilities the digital form of the art has to offer. The reason why I started to post (rather than just read) is a greater map-project I set myself on, which I'll introduce in a seperate thread some time later on.

I myself reside in Germany, which also means I'm no native speaker. Please feel free to correct me or ask for clarification, if my knowledge of the english language eludes me and anything is unclear.

I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas and techniques and whatnot.

Greetings to you all, until later.