Hi everyone.
I'm in need of an artist who can draw/paint floorplans in 28mm scale. I'm hoping to start a series of floorplan booklets for sale on drivethrurpg as a PDF and on our upcoming webite as A1 gloss prints.
Each booklet will contain roughly 28pages with maps, object such as tables and lamps, etc and also a small scenario relevant to the map, scenario ideas and seeds, and notes.

As the artist you will be responsible for 4-6 US letter sized maps (often combining one image) and 2 pages of objects. The writing and layout will be done by others. If successful, we'd like to use you as the regular artist for further products.
This is a paying gig to be paid upon completion via Paypal or BACS (BACS in the UK only).

This first commission will be of a 2 masted sailing vessel (2 decks) suitable for a fantasy setting (while being much smaller, the word 'Galleon' seems to fit).

Your skills
You will have experience in providing maps/plans to clients and a provable completion rate.
Your medium will be in any reasonable art software program (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) or in a physical medium (paint, ink) that can be scanned and sent electronically.
Your skill will be of a good standard. Amateurs are welcome to apply providing they have the skill. I am favourable towards realistic looking textures and good lighting effects.
You will be contactable with message turnover not exceeding one day. There's nothing more worrying to a publisher than freelancer silence.

If you are interested, please send the information below to myself via PM here, or preferably, via e-mail to steffworthington@hotmail.com with the message line reading 'FLOORPLAN COMMISSION'

Info needed (essential):

Your rate per letter sized colour floorplan
Your rate per project (6 full page images + 2 full page of 'object')
Your turnaround time for the project
Your full name
link to your online work
link to previous commissions.

I'm afraid I don't respond to question regarding 'my budget' and prefer to pay, or decline, what the artist think their work is worth.

Feel free to ask me any other question via the same method.
I hope to hear from you soon!

Steff. Worthington

Owner, Stygian Fox Publishing