Based off of a hand drawn map I made, I've spent the last few days working on a finalized version of my map for my fictional land of Noravea. This was done entirely on Photoshop, but it is based on a draft I drew with pen and paper.


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Noravea, like this entire world, is somewhat allegorical to our modern world. Noravea is based on a mix of the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Northeastern United States both geographically and culturally. The northern and coastal portions of the country were colonized by the Vesperian Empire 500 years ago, and eventually made independent 150 years ago. The southern and inland regions were colonized by the Teutonian Empire, the areas being taken over by Noravea immediately after Independence. For 118 years, the Noravean Confederation existed to unite the areas, but eventually, 1 year ago, the Noravean Republic was founded in Helbadon. The current population is 28 million people.