I've always been exceedingly jealous of the beautiful city and village maps posted on this forum (not to mention the overlands) because I'm exceedingly bad at it. I always struggle with getting the effects to look right and the general scale of these larger maps. This is the first village that I'm reasonably proud of. I submit it to the jury for feedback and criticism. (Made with CC3) I encourage you to be both cruel and kind.

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*A little backstory - I'm going to be updating/adapting this old D&D expert set adventure module ("Master of the Desert Nomads" and "Temple of Death") to 3.5 for my Al-Qadim game. A lot of the story and encounters are going to be changed to fit my needs, but the nuts and bolts will remain. So, I'll be doing a series of maps for the adventure. This is the first. I've loosely based it off the map provided, but changed almost everything about it. This will be the village where the PCs will begin. Its a small village that focuses on fishing, farming, and a little ranching. Its situated in the scrublands bordering the desert environment.