Some drivers have the luxury of an enclosed cabin, in which to spread out an atlas or a gas station road map. Not so many travelers in Sam'thuma. Sure, some roads accommodate cars and trucks. Others though, even Principality Highways, are in places restricted to motorcycles and bicycles for width. What's a poor navigator to do? Why, he has no trouble at all, if he has a Jindek's Patent Spool-O-Mapic Route Display clamped to his handlebars! With 965 standard routes across the Kingdom available on convenient bidirectional strip maps, not to mention Auto Association customized splice-sets for easy and convenient roaming, the equipped traveler need never wonder what is around the next bend.

Annotated and up-to-date, these patented navigational aids mark every service depot worthy of your patronage, which chai shops to avoid and which are highly satisfactory, even which of several fuels might be available. Radio frequencies are noted for picking up road hazard or weather info, and the potential for lodging in any roadside hamlet is right there for the lagging long-haul driver or casual tourist.

Here we show a spring-wound model, ideal for the motorcyclist who has no attention to spare for constant spool cranking, as previous years' models may have required. Wind it once at the day's start, and just slap the case one on the right to advance a frame, or on the left to back up. Totally automated, and totally modern.

Available also in mounting styles to suit dashboard emplacement in an automobile or truck - these beauties are not ONLY for the two-wheeler! Virtually every stationers' shop in the Kingdom, as well as selected petrol depots stock both the display units and of course the route strips. Rely on a Jindek today - and for years to come!

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[mostly out-of-character]
Well, sure, it's patented, but not by Marswarhanal Jindek - he just sells them. Sam'thuma doesn't have reciprocal patent registration with every nation on Aurora - the enterprising Mr. Jindek was breaking no LOCAL laws in setting up his now highly-successful firm. Mind you, if your moto has a Spool-O-Mapic display attached upon your entry into Antara, or Norya, it might be confiscated...

[completely out of character]
I wanted to first set up what kind of map I'm presenting. The actual entry will be a waaaay-tall graphic of a Rout Strip itself, that for Sam'thuma's Keribai River Highway. The KRH happens to be a fully two-lane route permitting cars and trucks, but as the marketing copy reads, it doesn't take a motorcycle to use a Spool-O-Mapic ! In fact the bit I dummied up includes a snippet of already-done map, which is a stand-in for what I'll do fresh for the contest. I had to first get something posted to force myself to get in gear.

So to speak.