Hey everyone,

Long time lurker here, I figured it was time to get involved! I have started an rpg project and am currently putting together a map using Fractal Terrains/Wilbur/Photoshop. I am following the ISRAH tutorial found here: The Genesis of Israh; A Tutorial.

I have completed the first two stages using FT and Wilbur and have moved onto the FTII stage here The Genesis of Israh; Fractal Terrains Part 2 but have run into an issue. I am new to FT and Wilbur and have very limited knowledge of these programs. When I begin this phase and attempt to load my world_eroded.mdr file back into FT using the binary world option I get a blank slate. Nothing at all in my world but water. I have tried doing global land changes but I only end up with no water and all flat land. For some reason FT is not recognizing the work I did in Wilbur.

Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone else run into this issue? I'm a little frustrated as I have spent hours and hours getting my continents just how I want them, I need help!