Well, i would like to draw a mapworld for a Heroic-fantasy wargame, strategic level and point to point game (it's better for a solo game).
In fact i read a lot of tutorial, BUT :
- the better tuto are always in English, and sometimes i don't understand Shakespeare words
- the photoshop used is in english and mine in french (i've found translation)
- i'm rookie, i need a point to point tuto (a big problem forme)

This is some of my drawings and counters, i need a map which will be good (match?) with my drawings :

This is the style i would like to learn :
Yes, it's on your forum ))
I have photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3.
Above all, i have a drawing of the world that i want, and i can't use my world with this technic.

if you can't help me, i like this one :
There's a pdf tuto, but it is too rapid for me

Or this one :
But i do not know which soft is the zip....

Could someone help me ?