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Thread: my first decent map

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    Map my first decent map

    this is as hinted above my first "real" map. it would be nice to get some feed back:)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey Pippin, good start to map making, here's just a few pointers from what I'm seeing.

    - You put a lot of work on the trees, if I were you I'd switch more effort onto your buildings, trees should be more organic and less lined in while the buildings could use some.
    - The water lines you have all over the sea should be a bit subtler and draw less of the eyes attention.
    - And tone down the edge cracks a bit, it's a little crazy.

    Keep up the good work!

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    thanks for the pointers
    btw the trees took no time at all seeing as they were just a pattern the longest thing was setting all the effects up.
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    Looks good. I'd agree with Aerius about the buildings. Adding roof lines to them would go a long way as a bit of shadow. Your trees are great but a bit "saturated" make them a little less bright and well defined and your on your way. Also I have to agree with Aerius about the "torn parchment" effect. A little there goes a long way. Overall this is very nice. Keep up the good work and have some rep.
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    i take it you've been watching the Fantasy Cartography with Photoshop series? its a good start, and keep going with it.
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    yes i have and would a rasterized cloud effect (as a mask) work for torn edges. anything that looks better would work.

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    I still haven't fixed jp the torn edges but i toned down the water, trees and detailed a FEW buildings what do you think?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	old paper map hallashom.jpg 
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