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    This is to be my contribution to the CWBP . Its just a sketch right now , but I threw in some quick mountains to show where its headed in the later stages. If any of the cwbp contributors catch this thread , maybe you could give me some tips about how to line up the map with the other areas.(Image size? ) Anyways other than that this is just another regional sketch , supposedly 600x600 miles! There were also some threads about the actual distance being different in the northern areas of the CWBP world. But I did'nt really understand it, as alot of real cartography lingo was being thrown around. Anywas , same mountain method as my Ikvari method. Its not as fleshed out , but its basically just tons and tons of brush strokes with wet media brushes at low opacity.
    Right now it kinda looks like a bunch of worms , but the lower right hand corner is a little more fleshed out. At least four more levels of painting than the upper left hand section. Oh and this is a downgraded version of the final map (the original is about 10mb?) . Cheers
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    The only way to match up is to see what others have on your borders and import their borders to the edge of your map so you can be sure to have a seamless link with woods, mountains etc. In terms of the big picture, don't worry about the resolution of your image or the differing mileages of sections so much, redrobes waves his magic mouse and it all seems to work.

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    Hey ravells , any tips on how to import those borders using photoshop? (Im a ps novice).
    Thx for such an expedient reply!

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    Yeah sure, you just copy and paste the maps into photoshop and then crop the bits you need. Use the transform tool to size them to you map....if you need more details, I'd be happy to supply although I've got a fair bit on my plate at the mo, so would prefer if some other kind person could walk you through it.

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