I know it's been awhile since I posted on these boards. I was once a pretty active member, but when the map-making phase of the d20 campaign I was developing was at an end, I didn't have as much to talk about with you guys.

However, despite many of you likely not remembering me at all, I thought that others of you might be interested to know that the campaign is complete, and the setting is ready for publication. I decided to go with Kickstarter for funding. You can see the project here if you're interested:

Not asking you for anything. Just thought you might like to see where all the hardwork you helped me with went.

Many maps in the setting were made with help from this group or were entered into challenges, like these:

Escape from the Afflicted
Underground Draconian Ruins
Bandit's hide-out on Mt. Reva

If the kickstarter succeeds, I'll have more maps to make, and I'll proly be back to bugging you guys on a daily basis again.