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    Wip Assirra: The Land Of Hope

    Dalym Ler'rak found that he couldn't catch his breath. His ship and the six others of this expedition had spotted land. They had sailed for 3 months upon a rough and angry ocean to reach this place. He was the expedition leader and, although he would never had admitted it aloud he had begun to have doubts that they would reach their destination. The Queen had reluctantly agreed to finance the expedition in return for new lands to help ease the overcrowding in the Old Kingdom. Ler'rak was not at all concerned with any of the political reasons or of the queens lust for new lands to claim. He was only concerned with seeing a land that no other had ever seen. He stood on the deck of the Windsinger and peered out across the sea. He could just make out the shapes of mountains rising into the sky. He could see a blur of green that at this distance made up the shape of the new land. He would be the first to step foot on this new land, He would smell and hear and even taste it for the first time. He had even picked a name for it as soon as he saw it then only a light green blur on the horizon. He would name it Assira in the old language it meant "Land of Hope" and Dalym Ler'rak was filled with hope for the promise of this new land.....

    Ever have one of those moments when you know you should be working on something else but you just need the distraction of doing something a little random? This is the result of that moment. I was experimenting with Wilbur last night and came up with a pretty neat height field. Of course once I had it I had to do SOMETHING with it. I dug around in my files and found Torq's awesome mountain tutorial and away I went. I tend to do these types of maps in a very "texture heavy" style. There are a lot of layers and layer styles and adjustment layers and what not to get to this point.(This was done in GIMP) I think it looks pretty good. I'll probably label it (at some point) and use arsheesh's great Map Border Tut to finish it off. As always feedback is requested and appreciated

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