I am trying to do two different maps, so I'll ask the questions one at a time.

First: I am trying to create a Temple of a Forgotten Goddess. I have the layout I want, and the tiles are right, but the walls are stumping me. I know this sound really silly in some ways, but I just can't get the walls to feel right. I'm looking for a way to walls nicely. I have been laying the map out in a program called MapTool (not the best for building it, perhaps, and I may switch to inkscape or the GIMP if I need to, but MapTool is where I'll be using the map) for my campaign that I'm running (D&D), and I just can't get the walls (especially corners) to look good. Every time I turn a corner, things just end up funky (nice technical term). I can't post a screenshot right now, but I will later so you can see what I'm talking about. If anyone can either post advice on how to handle building wall tiles in inkscape (or the GIMP, but I'm MUCH more proficient with inkscape) or post some good wall tiles, I'd much appreciate it.

The other challenge I'm having is this: I'm creating a map where the players run up against a massive 300' cliff with a waterfall and trees. From a perspective point of view, I can't decide how much of this cliff they need to see, and I just can't get the waterfall to look right. I've decided what I need is a waterfall tile, but for some reason I haven't found one I like (imagine that). The scenario is something like this: the players are traveling north along a wide river (about 1/4 mile wide at this point, so big) through heavily rocky and mountainous forest terrain (think yellowstone type stuff, or the Rockies--lots of rapids, fast moving, dangerous deep and not something you want to swim in) and they run into a massive cliff: 300' tall, with a massive waterfall. There is a pool of water on their side of the river. The cliff is smooth from centuries of water running down it, and difficult to climb. The trees are massive here (it's a warm mountain forest, and there are fire-giants nearby). From a map-creating perspective, it's kicking my but, though. I could hand draw this, but to create a digital map, which I absolutely need, I am only getting a crude approximation. Halp? I'll upload a crude sketch later.

Thanks for the discussion. If this is the wrong place to post, I'm sorry. Maybe the moderators will be kind to me and swap it over.