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    Wip Boardgame platest map

    Hi all,

    A friend of mine is working on a boardgame that needs a world map, so I'm having a go at making one using Inkscape. It seems to be making my computer explode though. I've been drawing a section of coast and then combining it with everything else, so I can shuffle bits of coastline around if I want. It was working quite nicely, but then I noticed that I'm getting phantom lines all over the place, any idea why that is? Anyway, I grouped them instead to show you the start.

    This is just the outline of the coast, I havn't added lakes, rivers or island chains. Ultimately there will be about 20 provinces and I want to go for a functional look. Any/all advice is welcome!

    EDIT: Crap, typo in the thread title. Could a mod fix it for me please?

    EDIT 2: 25000 nodes, the program seems to think there are gaps when I'm zoomed out but not when I'm zoomed in, weird sharp lines everywhere and it crashes at odd times. Is this just Inkscape being rubbish or have I messed up royally? Most likely the latter...
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