Hi all!

I have this project of mine, a "pulp" island. Spider and scorpion folks, flying sharks, mutant psionic gorillas, brain in jars, fungi people, dinossaurs, etc.

It will be a free pdf, for a D&D like system. The artist will have his name and link credit when the final pdf got released.

i have done a poor sketch of it. I must confess i dont know how to "occupy" it better. i mean, theres a lot of empy spaces

the montain range at left have the aracno people.
the north forest have the gorilla.
the right montains have the goblin flying sharks
the vulcan have the brain in jars

outside the isle, we have 3 minor isles at right: one with mountain, 3 little ones with ice, and ne with forest. the right side have a lonely one, just plain (dont know what to do with it...maybe a dead isle, with dead trees and grass, and some undead.

Click image for larger version. 

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So, anyone up to help?