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Thread: The Golden Elk- Warship.

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    Default The Golden Elk- Warship.

    Investigating the mysterious pirate that preys on Waterdhavian vessels, our heroes find their way to remote Luskan. There, they discover the dwarf Marrowdrinker that has been selling suspicious Waterdhavian goods and con their way onto the crew of his small supply ship.
    Finally, after weeks of travel, they come into view with the large warship. The end of their long hunt is finally coming.

    This map is a three-parter, first is the aftcastle:

    Then the main deck:

    And finally the hull, where the rowers ply their trade:

    This time around, I tried to allow for big empty space for the battle to move around fluidly (there will be a lot of pirates waiting for our heroes). I also tried to keep multiple exits to avoid a bottleneck, again, to try to have the battle move around as much a possible...

    As usual, this map is build "to scale" and can be printed and used as is.
    As also usual, it makes a generous helping of objects from the dundjinni forums.
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