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    Post Hello all

    I suppose it was by chance I found this place, looking for some adventure in a dark cave. No really I was looking for a good cave map for a spur of the moment DnD adventure. Yea, I had plenty, but I wanted something fresh and I happened to be at my desk. Thats when I wondered to the door of the guild.

    Have you ever walked into a room of people you have never been into before? You look around trying to familiarize yourself with the place, dubious because you dont know anyone. Well, anyway, thats me.

    I've been working on maps and such I suppose since I was 12, Im 34 now. I have really taken a liking to cartography, honestly I dont know a pen and paper gamer who hasn't in some form or another. Recently in the past few years I have taken a leap to digital mapping. I know there are many mapping programs out there, but I suppose I am old fashion, and I really enjoy using Paintshop Pro. Im not closed to anything else, I just haven't found the right program yet.

    I suppose my most recent work has been on elvish environments, both in architecture, and social structure. That bit is on paper for the moment though, and I am yet to get to it.

    Talk to ya soon!


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    Welcome aboard. Would love to see you writing on things Elvish.
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    Welcome to the guild. *Quickly huddles towards the OTHER new guy.*

    Hehe, I just showed up too. So, no worries mate. :-)

    Ah, and speaking of "non-human" environments. I'm sure I'll have, in the future, plenty of ideas and inquires to post here regarding the like.

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    Hi Sylven, sidle on up to the bar and pull up a tankard. You are most welcome here. Its a big room but I've never come across a site where the people are so friendly and eager to assist. I think you'll love it here.

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    Hi Sylven! Great to have you at the guild. PSP is a great bit of software (I use it too, although I'm in the process of migrating to PS) for making maps with. I would also suggest that you download inkscape so you have a vector programme in your arsenal which is always helpful. Looking forward to seeing your maps!

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    'Lo Sylven

    Sorry for the mob of community leaders greeting you at the door... but we do mean well

    Glad you find your way here. Hope you stay for a bit... or more.

    -Rob A>

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    Hiya, Sylven, and welcome from a boring old non-community leader!

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    Welcome to the Guild, Sylven. I look forward to seeing your take on the Elvish environments.

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