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Thread: "I have only come here seeking knowledge"

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    Default "I have only come here seeking knowledge"


    To all the Magi and Wizards who call themselves Cartographer or Programmer I bow to your mysticism.

    I am on a journey to gather the knowledge of those wiser, more skillful, and more artistic to utilize in a project that I am by no means worthy of working on. But, alas I have not encountered one who shares my vision enough to take the reigns.

    I know two people they are not close enough to call friend but I know them better than passing acquaintances, they both are professional programmers and they on occasion allow me insight into their magik, but I do not want to abuse their patience. Therefore I am seeking advice and mentorship of any who are interested. Years ago I read the story of Robert Schuller’s adventure in building the Crystal Cathedral. He needed X amount of dollars(let’s say 100,00) he pondered the idea and said to himself he could ask one person for all the money and maybe get it, he could ask 2 people for half the money and maybe get it, or he could ask 100,00 people just one dollar and be assured of getting it. My friend’s have careers, families, and cannot dedicate themselves to my project so I think that if I ask the world then maybe I will find the one or two who have the patience to guide me.

    I have a vision for a game. Now understand I only play one game which is 2D when one gets to the edge then there is option other than to turn around. My thinking was that you should be able to head out in one direction and return to where you started. Oh my simple mind…I got to thinking in the wee hours of one morning that if on a map of our planet if I headed north east from St Louis I would leave the map some where in Greenland, reenter somewhere in Europe, exit again somewhere in the Middle East, finally reentering somewhere in the western hemisphere to be on path to returning to St Louis. Traveling North would take me through Canada, down through Europe and Africa, and then north through South America. What little I know about mathematics made realize the algorithms for these pathways would be monstrous. But if you had a spherical game surface then the complications would be negated…..yea right.

    Off to look at Google maps and Google Earth, then to Natural Earth, ArcGIS, USGS, NASA, Ogre, Irrlicht, Earth3D, FractalPlanet nothing and I mean nothing I have found seems to be simple enough for me to understand. From the time I spent working in my father’s construction company I can build a house from a drawing in the sand and with a few parameters. I believe any body who can read and do simple math can build a house after spending time on just one site. I thought there would be tools …simple tools to use to complete my task.

    So here I am at a site devoted to maps and map making; to study, to practice, to listen, and to learn in hopes of gaining the skills to complete my project.

    Please, bear with me as I ask silly questions, fumble with terminology, and make a nuisance of myself.

    And, if you want to explain, teach, guide, or even shout please be my guest.


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    Well, if you want some guidance, here is some for you to work on....

    Take a stroll through the Cartographers Choice forum to see what you like, get inspired, take a look at the map threads for the maps that you like to find the WIP (Work In Progress) thread where the work is shown. In those threads you will pick up all kinds of tips and tricks, and if you are lucky enough, a linky to the tutorial that help the creator get there. Once you find a tutorial for a style you try it out and post a WIP of your own. THAT thread is where you REALLY start to learn to map, because we are a friendly bunch and we enjoy seeing people develop what talent they may have (and you will be surprised at how much you may be hiding ). The critiques and comments that come your way are the BEST way to learn. You should also ask any questions that come up...

    Anyhoot, welcome to the Guild, The Mappiest Place on the Web
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    Welcome !! We all are on the Journey of Discovery. There are several members here who specialize in the "round maps" and are well versed in the workings of the real world. As Korash said asking questions, reading tutorials and posting in the WIP section are all great ways to learn and be a part of the community. I look forward to interacting with you.
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    Korash has already offered some excellent tips, but I just wanted to chime in to say welcome to the Guild Bill.


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