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    Map The Lighthouse (Tavern)

    Well I suppose this would be the correct place for this. I suppose this was my first real digital map work. I realize the floor looks a bit different, but the tavern itself is built on a cliff constructed by an old lava flow. Rather than spend a great deal of money removing the stone, the tavern keeper had it polished and built into his establishment.

    This first map is the main floor of the Lighthouse Tavern. Upon entry, patrons will enter what is known as the shield room. Beautiful shields adorn the walls here, all depicting griffons in some fashion. Also stored within this room is a large library of books collected by the tavern keeper.

    The kitchen can be accessed through the shield room, which also gives way to access behind the bar, and a lower cellar area through a trap door.

    The main bar room gives the Lighthouse its fame. Through the taverns large windows the fire pit and the glowing lanterns can be seen from the sea.

    The Lighthouse

    This next image is the lower section of the Lighthouse tavern. The ladder from the kitchen trap door leads to the brew storage area. Behind the large kegs is a secret passage leading to a ledge where a single griffon egg sits within a nest. A promise made long ago by the tavern keeper to watch over. To the west is a meat storage area. To the east is the tavern keeper's sleeping quarters. His money vault is to the south, locked at all times of course.

    The Lighthouse Cellar

    I have more on the storyline behind the tavern itself, but I wanted to get the general of the map itself down. I hope you enjoy, constrictive opinions welcomed!

    By the way, the outhouse, is... well...outside.

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