Hello All... I'm Geno. I'm new to cartography, and new to online forums (which is weird because otherwise I rather tech savvy). This is my "hello". It's a little late. I already have two other posts on the forum. I just saw the "introduce yourself" section. So here goes. I'm 37. I'm an author about to publish my first novel, and one of my pre-readers said, "I loved your book. I hated the ending." When I pressed to see why, I was told, "They just leave [one of the characters] to rot and take off traveling north? what kind of ending is that?" When I informed them that the character in question was in a location directly north of the others, they said, "Oh! oh... okay... no... then good ending. When's book two gunna be done?" That's When I decided I needed a map.
I couldn't have my illustrator do it. I can't afford to pay for one, and all the locations are in my head... So. I set about studying maps to emulate and try to learn how to make a map. That's when I found this site... so this is like a slice of heaven on the internet. Plus people have already been very helpful. (Thanks again Chashio and Midgardsormr) I look forward to contributing to this community (as I learn) and hopefully producing a sufficient map. I'm always... always ... open for critique. If you'd like to check it out currently and comment/critique there are two rough versions at http://www.cartographersguild.com/re...photoshop.html

Thanks for being here.