Hi, I'm looking a program (freeware if possible) that can make really nice (Graphical) D&D style grid and/or hex maps. I would prefer that the program take less than a year to learn if possible. Thus far I've found very few promising leads. The Pyromancers.com Dungeon painter is the closest thing I've found to what I have in mind. Easy to learn, good selection of tiles and free. It does seem to be a bit buggy and limited in scope though...For some reason it doesn't seem to handle walls and floors right for me... I've tried searching around in other forums and some suggested this one as a good place to start so I decided to try and post here.

I've seen some really great looking maps posted on other sites that claimed to have been made from just photoshop or gimp but I really can't make heads or tails out of Gimp so I thought I would try and see if there was a program that was made with this kind of map making in mind.

Thanks in advance,