Well I was playing around with making brushes again tonight and thought I should share what I had done with you all...

Please feel free to use and distribute for free the tree symbol "brushes" in any artwork, in any form, for any reason. (Sell the pictures you make with them... but not the brush pack)

I have saved the brush pack in photoshop 7 so if you find that you can not load them because you use a different version I have included a .psd file with the trees on individual layers so you can make them brushes in your version... also let me know what format is best for you and I will try and make symbols that you can use... (.png or whatever)

Please let me know if you can use these as I have no way of knowing if this is helpful or not without feedback... if I get feedback that you all want more I will keep making symbol brushes but if no one wants them or no one can use them I will stop.

The large versions are brushes set to 100 px and the small ones are 35 px.

Here is a picture (included in the .zip)
Click image for larger version. 

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