Hello. I'm looking for a map for my first d&d campaign that I will be the DM of. I have tweaked the rules of crafting to make the players reliant on each other and there self and each other. So now what I want is a large island with a peninsula on the right side that's were the party will start there campaign. The island will need a few small towns more toward the west of the island and the major town on the ocean as a harbor town on the west. The east is inhabited by tribes of kobolds, goblins, and orc tribes. A mountain should separate east and west with caves and tunnels all over the mountain some leading trough and some leading down. But I can handle that much which is which. But the main thing is the west needs to be almost barron the towns are huddeled around the last little bit of fresh water and last few hundred acres of trees. And the major city on the ocean is surrounded by desert. While the east side has springs, rivers wild life and is a huge forest with the must southern tip being a swampland. All I ask for is the right to reprint this to use in my game. So who ever choices to do this thank you in advance your assistance is really appreciated.