I'm a gamer who has a passion for maps.

I'm looking for two things...

1) a map of Pangaea - I want to insert it into a Necronomicon Prop I'm going to make. It has to be a just an outline drawing... no identifying modern continents- no (or at least easily removable) labeling.

2) This one going to have to be made. An accurate map of Pellucidar. Maybe some software (free) that will allow me to mirror a world map and then reverse the elevations so the Oceans become land and the land masses become oceans. The current ocean trenches become mountain ranges and the current mountain ranges become ocean trenches.

Here is a VERY rough map I made to give you an idea. I'm looking to remove names/labels and add more detail.

Note:I do not want one already made from those Edgar Rice Burroughs fan sites. Seen them all. Not what I'm looking for.

Can anyone help me out here?