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Thread: The lands of the ancient Manothian Empire

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    Map The lands of the ancient Manothian Empire

    Many centuries ago the Manothian Empire was the most powerful land in the world. They dominated the lands on the south and west side of the Miriathian Sea, and they were quickly expanding beyond that, until corruption, famine, and civil war split the empire. Many say that the gods had forsaken the empire, and this was their punishment.

    After that, the Manothian lands split into a handful of smaller, but still vast kingdoms, and since that time these lands have wared against their old enemies, and each other as they seek to regain their former glory.

    The land itself is a somewhat harsh land. The western reaches are very dry filled with vast deserts, though these deserts are far from being devoid of life. Deep springs well up from within the mountains feeding a handful of streams and rivers that manage to keep flowing even through most of the driest months.

    Further east lies the great swamps and jungles of Akothi, which eventually give way to the fertile but hot lands of Kanjayar. These are some of the most populous, and also most fertile lands of the old empire, though for the most part, it is but a puppet state for Ral Torath.

    Ral Torath is the true power in the region. It is a small country, but wealthy. Of all of the countries, it holds to the traditions of the Manothian Empire the most, and unless something changes, it might not be long before the empire is reborn with Ral Torath at its lead.
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