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Thread: I'm crazy about maps and hate introductions.

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    Default I'm crazy about maps and hate introductions.

    I can't write introductions to save my life. I'm Alex, and I have 5 maps in my room and another which I couldn't find anywhere to put up. It's quite impressive that I've managed to get the 5 that I have got on the walls considering the tenancy agreement bans me from using tape, blu-tack, glue or any other form of adhesive.

    I've attempted drawing maps twice in the recent past, but failed miserably both times - probably because they were hand-drawn and I'm not a particularly good drawer. I'd love to actually be able to create a good map though, which is why I'm pleased to have found this place, and all the awesome maps here. Thank god for ASOIAF, eh?

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    Welcome to the Guild.
    I am the breath of Dragons...The Song of Mountains...The Stories of Rivers....The Heart of Cities.... I am A Cartographer....

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    Welcome Alex, take a stroll through the tutorials section and you'll find some walkthrough's that will help you on your way.


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