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    Help W.I.P. :Lands of Fagacea

    Lands of Fagacea will be my first map, but i just started to draw and got some doubts that is making me stop and not think it nice.
    As soon i get new solutions i will updating here about this map.

    First big change in the shape. The area north from Tristania got a connection with the North Pole. Wanted get a "epic" ship cross between the ice for one of the Larcenia Expeditions getting oil and sending to Valdorn. Trying to get better visual after find a new style to finish shape forms.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	epic_1_rebuild_2.jpg 
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    Historic of the thread

    Let me show my problens:
    I am using Photoshop for this map.

    [CHANGED]The Map (Updated nov, 26, 2112)

    nov, 26: Still dont know how to define the resolution, my map got so huge!
    I followed the instructions in[award-winner]-bitmapped-images-technical-side-things-explained.html and used 1280x 1024 in beggin, but after the progress map got much more bigger.
    Now i dont know if this map need to follow a standard or something
    So i lost the resolution of all my brushes making me use they as 30~45 px
    Followed to create a big map using as reference of small maps of 2400x1800 px, can edit the big map with new dimensions for a more or less detailed map

    Getting better resolution and reducing the File size
    [FIXED]Bigger is in the original size, after scanner and make the vectors, and the small is the 30 px
    Is it normal? i am felling something wrong and need orientation
    I Created a standard re-drawing my icons following a standard of dimensions, like using 20 px for trees, 35 for towns and montains. Drawing with small dimensions help to not lost the resolution when i use it bigger.

    [ABORTED]The other question is about brushes, i tried find something it here, but i gues it is so specific that is making hard to find one thread saying about. I will show my montains, looks like one is one montain over the other and not one covering the other. I want that one montain hide the lines of the other montain, is it possible?
    I saw some ppl using this feature in GIMP very well but still not found a way in Photoshop, so i give up to try and started use it manualy

    thank you

    Next Steps:

    Quote Originally Posted by Schwarzkreuz View Post
    Looks good! ItS also Easy to see where the maps connect, its realy well done. If you use non repeating brushes, it would make the map even better.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hai-Etlik View Post
    That distortion and the graticules (the grids) look really wonky, Given the symbol style of the map, I think you should ditch the graticule entirely as it doesn't mesh well with that style. If you really want it, then it really does require some knowledge of projections and how maps represent a globe in order to get it to come out right. The details depend on where on the planet the map is, how big it is, and the purpose of the map.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hai-Etlik View Post
    The crumpled paper texture seems a bit excessive. Likewise the stone texture on the border. If you are aiming for something that looks like a map made "in character" you have to think about how and why the fictional cartographer would get the effects in question. Drop shadows imply that the map incorporates elements that hover over top of the rest of the map, which is odd to say the least. Relief in general is something you should think about carefully.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hai-Etlik View Post
    The cartouche is a bit hard to read. The purple text doesn't contrast very well with the grey textured background.
    [Done] Fix the rivers
    Quote Originally Posted by aquarits View Post
    I got some topography magazines to help me learn more, read some and made a basic sketch following the tuto that u recommended.
    and that is wut i got:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	epic_1_copress.jpg 
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    [Done] Getting lines via Off set to do customized coast lines or to expand some elements
    [Done] Getting customizer border lines, using dashed lines of different types

    --> FINISHED AREAS <--
    Revised Maps
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	egos_full_final.jpg 
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Size:	1.98 MB 
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